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  Brief History    


     Mackay Memorial Hospital, under the jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, was established in memory of Dr. George Leslie Mackay who followed in the footsteps of his Master by coming to Taiwan with the message of salvation for all men. Tracing back school history, Mackay College started out as a nursing program at Mackay Memorial Hospital.
     Mackay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management originated from Nurse Training Class of Mackay Memorial Hospital, which was activated in 1913. The Nurse Training Class was the very early cradle of nurses in northern Taiwan. There were only six students graduated from the first class. Then, it was renamed as Nursing School of Mackay Memorial Hospital after the World War II. Later on, it registered Private Mackay Nursing Vocational School at Taipei City Government in 1970. Again, with new campus construction in Sanjhih the school was qualified to the college level and was accredited by the Ministry of Education as Mackay Nursing College in 1999. Five years later, in 2004, the school once again was renamed as the present one.  Tracing back the history of this college, we really have to appreciate all the efforts made by people for the development in various phases.  
Phases of School Development
      The development of Mackay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management was planned to take place in five phases: (1) 1913-1944, (2) 1948-1965, (3) 1970, (4) 1999, and (5) 2004.
     Due to the urgent need of medical and nursing professionals, Mackay Memorial Hospital was the first hospital in north of Taiwan to set up a nurse-training class. There were only 6 students who graduated from the first class and it was until 1944 that 10 competent nurses who became the core team of the nursing staff in the hospital.
     The nurse-training department affiliated to Mackay Memorial Hospital was founded on 10th March 1948 and Miss Hildur Hermanson had been assigned to be in charge of the training course. There had been 83 graduates until 1963. The duration of the taught course had been 1 year for the first 9 years and it extended to 3 years in the tenth year. The course was comprised of Principles of Anatomy,Physiology and English conversation.
     To cope with the social changes, the hospital expansion and need to increase the nursing staff, Mackay Memorial Foundation Presbyterian Church in Taiwan decided to set up the branch hospital in Tamsui and set up a nursing school which was headed by the vice-president of the Hospital then, Mr. Chang Jin-Wen . The school was officially registered with the government as “Mackay School of Nursing ”. There were 2 classes of student intake in the first year and the classrooms were located in the Tamsui branch of Mackay Memorial Hospital.
     With the continuous efforts and support from the Board of Directors, Mackay School of Nursing had grown under the leadership of President Jing-wen Chang and Shiou-yu Tsai who, with the pioneering spirit, endured great hardships for deep cultivation and remarkable establishment.
     After the opening ceremony of Guan-do campus on the sixth of September, 1976, the school had experienced flourishing development in the next decades with the addition of student dormitory, gymnasium, and other important expansions.
     In1988, the Academia Sinica academician Dr. Ming-tsung Peng was invited to become the president of Mackay School of Nursing which was then well established and with wide recognition in the field of medicine and nursing education.
     In 1993, Ms. Yann-tzy Sheen was welcomed unanimously to become the fourth president of the school. She led the school to grow to meet the demands of the times, as well as act in accordance with the national education policies. In 1999, president Sheen continued to lead the school to pass the accreditation successfully to become the “Mackay Junior College of Nursing”.
      In 2004, our school successfully passed the approval procedure by the Ministry of Education and was upgraded to be “Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College.”
     Nowadays, it is an era of information, innovation, globalization and integration, to fit in rapid and rounded development of society, Mackay Vocational Nursing School was upgraded to be“Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College”. Apart from the Department of Nursing, we have also founded the Department of Early Childhood and Education, the Department of Food Science, the Department of Management of Food and Beverage, the Department of Cosmetic Science and Management, the Department of the Elder Affairs and the Department of Applied Foreign Language. In our future developments, we shall pay attention to the renewal of the software, hardware and other teaching resources.
     Based on the financial support of Mackay Memorial Foundation, Main Building at Guan-do Campus was completed at the year-end of 2004. In August of 2006, Sanjhih campus, with an area of about 12 acres, was officially opened to students. In order to provide students of the Department of Early Childhood and Education practical training environment and, at the same time, serve the locals at Sanjhih, the Childcare Center was founded in August, 2008.
     Both Guan-do and Sanjhih campuses are blessed with eye-pleasing scenery, possessing a panoramic view of all the mountains and rivers. It is hoped that with the great blessing of nature students can be the most productive and accomplished.
     While expanding the teaching resources and facilities, the school authority provided incentives for teachers to pursue more professional training and higher degrees. Besides improving the teaching quality, our school has made efforts to construct a friendly environment, emphasize on character-building for students, encourage international exchange and take in foreign students, build an e-learning campus, actualize college-industry cooperation. Initiate life-long learning program, promote holistic education & community service, build a healthy financial structure and board-of-director operation. Throughout this process, our school faced many challenges and came out triumphantly each time. For example, in 2004, our school was rated top in the college-accreditation; in 2006, the Nursing Department passed TNAC accreditation with flying colors; in 2008, our school was rated the best again in college-accreditation.
     In other areas such as student affairs, student counseling, environmental safety, gender equality and etc., our school has also performed well. The assessment on all these areas has reaped good results from the Ministry of Education. Because of all the good work mentioned above, the school has been able to obtain government subsidies for many years.
     In 2010, having full confidence in our school’s education quality, the Kingston Technology Company, Inc. set aside a NT$180,000,000 fund under David & Diana Sun Foundation to entrust with our school the “Family-Improving Program for the Underprivileged Indigenous People”. Under this program, for 5 consecutive years, there will be 40 students from the indigenous communities studying in the Nursing Department of our school. These students will have all the tuition and fees waived and receive their monthly stipends throughout the 5-year program.
     Thanks to the support from the Board-of-Directors, and the dedication from all the faculty and staff, our school has made all these commendable achievements.
     Based on the following principles—Dr. Mackay’s life affirming philosophy “rather burn out than rust out”, and our school motto: honesty, respect, love, and diligence, with whole-person education we aim to educate our students the exquisiteness and practicality of learning and studies, insisting unselfishness and truth, and pursuing the ideals of lifelong learning and serving our society.
     Looking ahead, the school will promote industry and academic cooperation of all kinds, encourage teachers to strengthen their research skills and build on international interaction in all academic fields. It is expected that in the near future Mackay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management will upgrade to university and we will continue to educate our students as practical, pragmatic and devoting at the age of globalization in the 21st century.
Translated by Joan Huang
  Calendar of Events  
Mackay Memorial Hospital was the first hospital in Taiwan to set up a nurse-training class. During the Japanese occupation, the class produced 103 competent nurses who became the core team of the nursing staff in the hospital.


After the War, Mackay Memorial Hospital resumed the nurse-training classes and up to the year 1963, the classes produced 154 nurses. 


To cope with the social changes, the hospital expansion and the the need to increase the nursing staff, Mackay Memorial Foundation Presbyterian Church in Taiwan decided to set up the branch hospital in Tamsui and set up a nursing school which was headed by the vice-president of the Hospital then, Mr. Chang Jin-Wen . The school was officially registered with the government as “Mackay Vocational Nursing School”. There were 2 classes of student intake in the first year and the classrooms were located in the Tamsui branch of Mackay Memorial Hospital.


The foundation decided to donate 4000 ping(1 ping = 36 sq ft) of land to the nursing school unconditionally. 


Without taking exams, 3 graduates from the second-year graduating classes got admission to study at the National Nursing College. Subsequently, there were several students admitted by this college without having to take school entrance exams. It was a proof that our school produced excellent graduates which were much sought-after. 


Ms. Tsai Hsiu-Yu became the second president of our school while holding the position as the chief of the nursing staff at the Hospital. 


Students of the fifth year enrollment started to participate in the contest of nursing techniques. ( From then on , many students won awards in this competition. The most remarkable incident was when the students from the eighth year enrollment simultaneously won 2 championships on Nursing and Public Health.)  


The opening ceremony of Jing-Ye Building at the Guan-Du campus.
The students of the 7th year enrollment moved into this building. 


 The opening ceremony Tsi-Guang Building which housed the student dorm.All the faculty, staff and students began to be located at the Guan-Du campus.


 The back block of Jing-Ye Building was opened for occupation to cope with the increase in classes(6 classes in a year).



 A courtesy visit from Sugimori (Shan-Sen) Girls’ High School in Japan.

Up to 2001, there were altogether 7 visits which led to a close relationship and dynamic interaction between the 2 schools.


Our school began to take in fully-subsidized students from Hua-Lian and Tai-Dong  to care for the under-privileged students of the remote areas.   
Opening of the auditorium cum indoor stadium which became the venue of meetings and sports events.
 Dr. Peng Ming-Tsung became the 3th president of our school.
A courtesy visit from the affiliated nursing school of Japan Beppu University.
Up to 2000, there were altogether 8 visits which led to a close relationship and dynamic interaction between the 2 schools. 
 The opening of Tsi-Hui Building which served as the admin. building and the dorm.


The seventh-term board of directors included Hsieh Ying-Jie, Zhan De-Fu, Liao En-Hua, Guo Jun-Hsiung, Wu Zai-Cheng, Zheng Zhang-Ze, Jian An-Hsiang , Chen Chun-Zhen and Yang Guo-Bao.  


The chief of the nursing staff at Mackay Memorial Hospital, Sheen Yann-Tzy, served as the 4th president of our school while working in the hospital until June 6,1993.


The school board set up an office to work on the upgrading of the school to be a college. The Foundation managed to purchase a piece of land for the new campus at San-Zhi on Dec. 16.


The Foundation applied to the Ministry of Education to set up Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College at San-Zhi.


The eighth-term board of directors included Hsieh Ying-Jie, Zheng Zhang-Ze, Yang Guo-Bao, Jiang An-Hsiang, Zhan Kuan-Wu, Tien Sheng-Fang, Mu Hsin-Tai, Liu Rong-Sheng, Du Fen.


To uphold the ideal of Dr. Mackay in medical and education ministry, as well as fulfill the idea of “ where the need is, there my service will be also”, our school community service team visits Wu-Jie every winter to offer our service in different aspects. 


Board members as well as faculty and student representatives visited the Japan Sugimori (Shan-Sen) Girls’ High School ? Nursing School, Beppu University Affiliated Nursing School and Osakai Hospital.


The ninth-term board of directors included Chairman Jian An-Xiang, board members Yan Guo-Bao, Du-Fen, Chen, Zhe-Nan, Tien Sheng-Fang, Zhan Kun-Wu, Yang Shi-Tsing, Wang Zhao-Zi, and Huang Dao-Fu.


The Ministry of Education allowed the vocational schools to be upgraded to colleges. The Mackay Foundation and the school board approved of the application.
The Ministry of Education granted approval for our school to be upgraded.


 The transaction of the donated land was completed. The Ministry of Education approved of the new student intake by our school under the new name as a college.


Mackay Nursing College offered 2-year program and 5-year program. Sheen Yann-Tzy was appointed the first school president, The school administration has Academic Affairs Dept., Student Affairs Dept., General
Affairs Dept., Internship cum Career Counseling Dept. Personnel Dept, Accounting Dept. and Pastoring Office.
There were 15 directors on the board, including Chairmen of the board, Jian An-Xiang, as well as board members Li Xiang-Zhou, Xie Ying-Jie, You Ren-Shun, Ke Tsung-Xin, Ye Feng-Sheng, Lian Jiang-He, Wang Jin-Tai, Lin Zhuang Shu-Zhu, Xu Shang-Wu, Lin Ma-LI, Liang De-Cheng, Huang Fu-Yuan, Shen Yuan-Yao, and Tien Sheng-Fang.
President Lee Teng-Hui graced the occasion of the ground-breaking ceremony of our San-Zhi campus.


The tenth-term board of directors included Lee Sian-Zhou(Chairman of the board), Jian An-Xiang, Xie Ying-Jie, You Ren-Shun, Huang Dao-Fu,, Jiang Tien-Tsung, Huang Jun-Siong, Tsai Zheng-He, Liang De-Cheng, Chang Wen-Xin, Zhang Ze-Yun, Mu Rong-Zhang, Zhou Yen-Shan, Wang Hui-Min, and Lin Wen-An. 
The 29th graduating class of the old Mackay Vocational Nursing School and the 1st graduating class of the new Nursing College attended the commencement.
The Night School was set up, the 2-year night school program had the first year intake of students who were working adults.
On the 100th  Anniversay of the death of Dr. Mackay, Canadian Institute in Taiwan, and Taiwan Presbyterian Church and our school, collaboratively held a series of activities, including the torch-passing ceremony and sports event like tug-of –war contest.
The Education Minister Mr. Zeng Zhi-Lang conferred an award to the Mackay Foundation for donating 28.9 million dollars to the school.
Dr. Su Tsung-Siang was appointed the 2nd president of the Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College.
The Ministry of Education visited our school and recognized the achievement made.
The Vice President Lu Hsiu-Lien graced the occasion of the Crowning Ceremony of our nursing students.
The eleventh-term board included Chairman Jiang Tian-Tsung, and board members Zhou Yan-Shan, Chen Mei-Luan, Wei Yi-Yong, Huang Jun-Hsiong, Tsai Zheng-He, Wang Yang-Ming, Liang De-Cheng, Zhang Ze-Yun, Wang Hui-Min, Zheng Guo-Zhan, Zhang Hsi-Yi, Chen Dao-Siong, Huang Dao-Fu, and Chen De-Ming.
The launch of processing documents electronically.
The setting up of 2 new departments – Preschool Education and Food Science.
Thanksgiving Ceremony for the groundbreaking of Zong-He Building.
The school name was changed to Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College.
 The signing of the agreement with Nazarene Theological College and Seminary to lease part of their campus land for our sports activities.  
Our school started to have cooperation with several schools and private enterprises in Vietnam since 2006 both academically and commercially.
Food Science Dept. had the first intake of boy-students.
The admin.section and the Nursing Dept of our school was rated Level A in the 2004 accreditation of vocational colleges held by the Ministry of Education
Zong-He Building at Guan Du Campus was opened for occupancy and operation and the requirement of floor space increase for new departments was met


2 new departments – Food & Beverage Department, and Applied Foreign Languages – were added to the existing departments.
Food Science Department recruited Vietnamese students and marked the beginning of internationalization of our school programs.
Entrusted by the Ministry of Education to hold the big event-“Healthy Taiwan 2006”. Over 3000 guests, teachers, and students attended the Health Forum. 50 college teams participated in the Innovative Invention Fair. 
The twelfth-term of board included Chairman Jiang Tian-Tsung, as well as board members Zhang Hsi-Yi, Liao Hsun, Zheng Guo-Zhan, Xie Ruo-Lan, Zhang Jin-Cheng, Lin Kun-Lin, Huang Jun-Hsiong, Tsai Zheng-He, Zhang Wen-Cheng, Liang De-Cheng, Zhang Ze-Yun, Hu Zhi-Qiang, Wang Min-Hui, and Hsieh Qing-He.
Minister of Executive Yuan, Su Zhen-Chang, graced the occasion of the opening ceremony of our San-Zhi campus. The campus buildings include the library, Nursing Department, Preschool Education cum Applied Foreign Language, Student Dorm. And Faculty Dorm.
The 2nd year and 3rd year students of the Nursing Department, as well as students of Preschool Education and Applied Foreign Languages started their classes at San-Zhi campus.
A new department-Cosmetics Application and Management was added to the existing
12.11~ 12.15
 The Nursing Department passed the accreditation of TNAC.
Entrusted by the Presidential Office of Taiwan to hold the exhibition of Taiwan’s history with great success.
Inspired by the spirit of service of Dr.Mackay,the volunteer team composed of
members of the teaching faculty and student body have rendered their volunteer
service in Vietnam, Nepal,and Thailand.since 2007.
The Department of Geriatrics became the new addition to the school.
The Research Department was changed to The Technology Cooperation Department
to include research, industry cooperation, and international cooperation.
The Republic of Kiribati paid our school a courtesy visit.
The Affiliated Model Kindergarten of our school registered with the government and started the first enrollment of pupils.
2009.03.12- 03.15
In the 2008 Vocational School Accreditation, our school won Level A for the Administration Section, Preschool Education Department and Applied Foreign Languages Department.
The 13th term of board of directors included Chairman Lin Kun-Lin, as well as board directors Liao Hsun, Huang Lian-Hsing, Hu Zhi-Qiang, Zhang Jin-Cheng, Wang Tsung-Hui, Zeng Bo-Ya, Chen Qing-Cheng, Chen Dao-Hsiong, Pan Hsiu-Da, Wang Gong-Liang, Huang Rui-Mei, Wu Jian-Liang, Ye Hong-Yi, and Tsai Li-Yun.
 The library and the Computer Center were combined to be the Library-Information Center to raise the efficiency.
The 13th term of board of directors held the 3th board meeting and passed the resolution to combine our school and Mackay Medical School as one school.
After a typhoon ravaged the towns of the indigenous people in the year 2009, the David and Diana Foundation donated 180 million dollars to the “Indigenous Family Turn Around Program” which was entrusted to our school from 2010 to 2014. 200 indigenous students would be fully subsidized to complete the 5-year nursing program.
The first batch of students from the “Indigenous Family Turn Around Program” began to enroll into our school. The 40 indigenous students were from 40 cities and counties and the student belonged to 8 different tribes.
2011 Volunteers Program at Akha in Northern Thailand: 2 teachers and 5 students went into the poor and backward area in the northern border of Thailand to offer medical service.
Dr. Chen Han-Hsiang from Mackay Hospital became the 3rd president of our school.
“Indigenous Family Turn Around Program” recruited 60 students who belonged to 10 tribes from 14 cities and counties.
3 staff members and 11 student volunteers went to Ugtaal Community in the city of Ulan Bator in Mongolia to offer Dental care service,Mackay Medicine and Nursing College International Youth Service Team- Oral Health Training Camp.


Board member Zeng Bo-Ya donated 1 million dollars to the School History Foundation.


The second phase of Student San-Zhi Was completed and a thanksgiving ceremony was held for it.


Signing of Collaboration Program with Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
2011 Volunteers Program at Akha in Northern Thailand: 2 teachers and 5 students went into the poor and backward area in the northern border of Thailand to offer medical service.
“Indigenous Family Turn Around Program” recruited 38 students who belonged to 7 tribes from 14 cities and counties.
 Translated by Sophia Chen